G2 Series Mini STANLEY


Meet Mini STANLEY.  115mm   19g

The G2 Series MiniGlide Bait from REEL IT IN is everything we love about its big brother, the original G2……only smaller. Whether your target  is Flathead, Murray Cod, Barra, Kingfish or any other species, this one will seek it out. With great cast-ability and a rattle that will entice a reaction bite and even wake up those slumbering fish. You’ll be even able to cast this one on nearly every rod you own.

This could be our favourite yet. You will love it!

Work this FLASHY BAD BOY with different retrieves and see what he can do.





  • Vary your retrieves to impart different actions into your glide bait.. A slow roll will allow the lure to swim smoothly side to side whilst and erratic retrieve will have it darting from side to side aggressively.
  • Be sure to add pauses into your retrieve. Often it these pauses that get the fish ready to strike and on your next movement….BANG!!!, its on.
  • The G2 Series Glide Bait can be worked in depths of more than 1.5 metres. To work it deeper keep your rod tip down. To work shallower in less that 1 meter hold your rod tip high. The realistic swimming action will do the rest.