Pro Lure Paddle Grub



  • Rig it on an un-weighted jig hook or weedless worm hook and flick it around any structure, weed flats, jetties, pontoons, or our favourite, skipping deep into mangroves and over hanging branches
  • Take care to avoid a fast retrieve. With the grub shaped body and paddle shaped tail , there is a huge amount of swim action, even at a very slow retrieve


The Pro Lure Paddle Grub is the epitome of versatile and, there is not a fish in the water that won’t attack them aggressively. You can weight them up and bounce the bottom, work the top water, and explore everything in between. The Paddle Grub is, however, the absolute top shelf choice for ‘pink grubbing’. We’re addicted to the explosive top water action that the Paddle Grubs provides. The combination of this shape and technique has met with huge success fished around structure for extra-large bream. The Pro Lure Paddle Grub was designed especially for this technique and has only served to further the anglers passion for fishing the surface. We would suggest to all those that haven’t tried this exciting method, to purchase some Pro Lure Paddle Grubs and experience the thrill for themselves. For the visual entertainment of fishing, it really doesn’t get any better.