Pro Lure Grubtail



  • Be alert to strikes that occur as the Pro Lure Grubtail is sinking. Fish will often strike a Grubtail well before its made it to your planned strike zone
  • Speed can be a tail action killer. Take care to keep retrieves slow to get the most out of the tail. While the whole lure design, from ridges to colour, is constructed to work in concert, it is the tail action fish find impossible to resist.
  • Fish the 60mm Grubtail with as light a rig that is practical for your application


The uptake of the Pro Lure Grubtail by so many gun anglers is the strongest indication yet, that Pro Lure’s design take, on what is a very common profile, has significantly enhanced Grubtail results on the water. Few would have believed that improvement on the Grubtail was even possible. The Pro Lure Grubtail is incredibly effective in so many locations and so many applications. You can be sure, the Grubtail will catch you fish. The Pro Lure Grubtail is the most consistent and reliable soft plastic, and lure generally, in the Pro Lure team arsenal.